Annales Academiae Paedagogicae Cracoviensis Studia Mathematica, Vol 6 (2007)

ISSN 1643-6555

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Tomasz Szemberg 5
Complementary means and double sequences PDF
Gheorghe Toader 7-18
On sets associated to conditional equation of exponential function PDF
Anna Bahyrycz 19-33
On type sequences and Arf rings PDF
Dilip Premchand Patil, Grazia Tamone 35-50
Some properties of i-connected sets PDF
Jadwiga Knop, Małgorzata Wróbel 51-56
Upper estimates of complexity of algorithms for multi-peg Tower of Hanoi problem PDF
Sergey Novikov 57-66
Some remarks on the domination between conjunctions and disjunctions PDF
Paweł Drygaś, Anna Król 67-75
Iterative roots of homeomorphisms possessing periodic points PDF
Paweł Solarz 77-93
Fractional calculus and diffusive stress PDF
Jurij Povstenko 95-100
Submaximal Riemann-Roch expected curves and symplectic packing. PDF
Wioletta Syzdek 101-122
Randomly $C_{n} \cup C_{m}$ graphs PDF
Pavel Híc, Milan Pokorný 123-130
Boundary value problem and functional equations for overlapping disks PDF
Vladimir Mityushev 131-136
11th International Conference on Functional Equations and Inequalities, Będlewo, September 17-23, 2006 PDF
Report of Meeting 137-179

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