Vol 15 (2016)

Table of Contents

On the superstability of generalized d'Alembert harmonic functions PDF
Iz-iddine EL-Fassi 5-13
Strong ideals and horizontal ideals in pseudo-BCH-algebras PDF
Andrzej Walendziak 15-25
An integro-differential inequality related to the smallest positive eigenvalue of p(x)-Laplacian Dirichlet problem PDF
Damian Wiśniewski, Mariusz Bodzioch 27-36
Affine analogues of the Sasaki-Shchepetilov connection PDF
Maria Robaszewska 37-49
Several observations about Maneeals - a peculiar system of lines PDF
Naga Vijay Krishna Dasari, Jakub Kabat 51-68
A sharp companion of Ostrowski's inequality for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral and applications PDF
Mohammad W. Alomari 69-78
Construction of a common element for the set of solutions of fixed point problems and generalized equilibrium problems in Hilbert spaces PDF
Muhammad Aqeel Ahmad Khan 79-96
Properties of two variables Toeplitz type operators PDF
Elżbieta Król-Klimkowska, Marek Ptak 97-106
New method to solve certain differential equations PDF
Karzimierz Rajchel, Jerzy Szczęsny 107-111
On the superstability of the cosine and sine type functional equations PDF
Fouad Lehlou, Mohammed Moussa, Ahmed Roukbi, Samir Kabbaj 113-121

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