Vol 19 (2020)

Table of Contents

Stability analysis of implicit fractional differential equations with anti-periodic integral boundary value problem PDF
Akbar Zada, Hira Waheed 5-25
Jensen-type geometric shapes PDF
Paweł Pasteczka 27-33
Counter examples for pseudo-amenability of some semigroup algebras PDF
Amir Sahami 35-38
On the Chow ring of certain Fano fourfolds PDF
Robert Laterveer 39-52
A subordination results for a class of analytic functions defined by q-differential operator PDF
Basem Frasin, Gangadharan Murugusundaramoorthy 53-64
Nearly irreducibility of polynomials and the Newton diagrams PDF
Mateusz Masternak 65-77
The p-semisimple property for some generalizations of BCI algebras and its applications PDF
Lidia Obojska, Andrzej Walendziak 79-94
A new result on the quasi power increasing sequences PDF
Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan 95-103
Maximal functions for Weinstein operator PDF
Chokri Abdelkefi 105-119
On dilation and commuting liftings of n-tuples of commuting Hilbert space contractions PDF
Zbigniew Burdak, Wiesław Grygierzec 121-139
Approximate multi-Jensen-cubic mappings and a fixed point theorem PDF
Elahe Ramzanpour, Abasalt Bodaghi 141-154
Almost convergent sequence spaces derived by the domain of quadruple band matrix PDF
Mustafa Cemil Bişgin 155-170
Existence results of ψ-Hilfer integro-differential equations with fractional order in Banach space PDF
Mohammed A. Almalahi, Satish K. Panchal 171-192
A note on some elementary properties and applications of certain operators to certain functions analytic in the unit disk PDF
Hüseyin Irmak 193-201
Existence and stability of solutions for a system of quadratic integral equations in Banach algebras PDF
Said Baghdad 203-218

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