Affine analogues of the Sasaki-Shchepetilov connection

Maria Robaszewska


For two-dimensional manifold M with locally symmetric connection ∇ and with ∇-parallel volume element vol one can construct a flat connection on the vector bundle TM⊕E, where E is a trivial bundle. The metrizable case, when M is a Riemannian manifold of constant curvature, together with its higher dimension generalizations, was studied by A.V. Shchepetilov [J. Phys. A: 36 (2003), 3893-3898]. This paper deals with the case of non-metrizable locally symmetric connection. Two flat connections on TM⊕(RM) and two on TM⊕(R2M) are constructed. It is shown that two of those connections - one from each pair - may be identified with the standard flat connection in RN, after suitable local affine embedding of (M,∇) into RN.


connection on a vector bundle; associated vector bundle; connection form; locally symmetric connection

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

53C07; 53B05; 53B15


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